Fallout Forecast for the USA January 24 2014

 This is the radiation fallout forecast for the next 48-72 hours:

Fallout 1 24

Some of you may recall the “Fallout Forecast” that I put together for you tube and various alternative radio stations in the past. The information compiled for these forecasts came from a variety of sources and included Canada, the US, and Europe. It took an incredible amount of work to generate a sharable video that translated well to radio spots. When our 95% prediction rate began to decline, I had to discontinue the forecast until more data could be analysed. We were starting to observe fallout/high readings in places that we didn’t expect. Atmospheric Fallout experts like Dr Leuren Moret PhD have speculated that a certain saturation point had been reached by that time from the enormous releases generated by the Fukushima accident. Research from Japan tracked these plumes around the globe, and also published a study on this phenomenon.

What was obvious is that the majority of fallout could be highly predicted based on the movement of the tropopause, temperature, geography, and precipitation. There are places that have a continuous high risk correlation because of these factors on a daily basis. That includes west of the Rockies, coastal areas, the Great Lakes region, and NE coast. Some of this could be attributed to not only Fukushima, but nuclear plant emissions, pre and post earthquake activity (radon outgassing), uranium deposits in rock, and fracking wells. Our biosphere still has loads of contamination in the upper atmosphere from weapons testing that was done decades ago. These are a lot of separate problems that have to be individually studied and tracked. I happen to know a few independent researchers that are working on addressing all of these issues, concurrently. In the meantime, we need something easy to help wrap our minds around this problem.

The good news is, by learning to watch the weather patterns and fallout measured across the country, we learn when where and how to avoid adding to our exposure. We are learning to adjust to our radioactive environment, which Fukushima continues to add to, on a daily basis. This is something radiation fallout researchers know well. You never really know what is in the rain, or snow, unless you measure it. Therefore, all precipitation needs to be avoided, until we know more. This is the precautionary principle (see my bio for more information). It is the result of over 50 years of environmental damage done to our biosphere by the nuclear industry, accidents, drilling and fracking, radioactive waste dumping, the endless releases from the grand-daddy of all nuclear accidents – Fukushima, as well as careless weaponry experiments that were done in the past, nuking everybody for thousands of miles. The best book ever written about this tragic chapter in our history is Secret Fallout, by Dr Ernest Sternglass, MD. I highly recommend Chapter 1, “Thunderstorm in Troy“.
Gas mask jumprope
It has always been my goal to give people enough information to learn to predict these events on their own, since we will be dealing with this – forever. Once comfortable with the information, even a quick look at forecast showing water vapor movement on The Weather Channel can tell you if it’s safe for the kids to play outside today, or not. Here at Climate Viewer News we will generate a risk map every 24-72 hours based on current forecast models, that will be easy to share on twitter and other social media. Every forecast map will contain several links to previous research that has been done on this in the past. It’s a process, that is ongoing, and our learning will be as well.

About the map: the fallout risk map will be a screenshot of the continental US water vapor analysis at the time of posting. Areas in red indicate a high potential for fallout, areas in pink indicate a medium risk, areas in yellow are cautionary, but low. The areas not covered by a color indicator will essentially be precipitation-free. This map should only be a guide and does not in any way guarantee that your outdoor area is ‘safe’ or ‘not safe’. It simply shows the risk potential, based on a number of weather indicators and atmospheric transport studies.
Please feel free to share this information on your own sites and social media. Next week we will have an in-depth look at what people attending the first outdoor Superbowl will need to be aware of in terms of fallout risk and extreme cold. In preparation for this game, the NSA is conducting overhead helicopter flights all week to asses ‘background radiation levels’. What they don’t say, is that the government has known for decades what the background radiation levels are, everywhere. They are looking for something specific, or new. More on this next week. Stay tuned…and stay safe! ~Christina
PS – if you wish to do a risk analysis of Canada or Europe, contact me for more information so we can add to our reports 😉