Fallout Forecast for the USA January 29 2014

The Fallout Forecast for the next 48 hours finds high risk areas extending much further into the south than what will probably be typical for these reports. Winter storm “Leon” caused major weather emergencies in 7 southern states yesterday, leading to stranded motorists and other dilemmas. Video of the aftermath of this storm can be found at The Weather Channel video page. As the front moves through this region, the high risk of atmospheric fallout continues as water vapor is dragged behind the storm system. A typical fallout scenario occurs along (and sometimes ahead) of storm fronts, in precipitation, and in the air mass dragged behind it. A very astute researcher named Zio pointed this out to me over 2 years ago, and I have watched this phenomenon happen time and time again after large weather events. He likened this to a ‘dragon’s tail’ of rads, following the storms.

RadChick's Fallout Forecast for the USAJanuary 29, 2014

About the map: the fallout risk map will be a screenshot of the continental US water vapor analysis at the time of posting. Areas in red indicate a high potential for fallout, areas in pink indicate a medium risk, areas in yellow are cautionary, but low. The areas not covered by a color indicator will essentially be precipitation-free. This map should only be a guide and does not in any way guarantee that your outdoor area is ‘safe’ or ‘not safe’. It simply shows the risk potential, based on a number of weather indicators and atmospheric transport studies.

Also of major importance: keep a close eye on the weather in your region and travel with proper gear in case of stranding. Storm “Leon” was highly underestimated by forecasters and caught many people off guard. A shovel, gloves, hats, snowpants, phone charger, battery charger, blankets, matches, and a few tealights in a coffee can, as well as protein snacks and water, should be in your car at all times.

On Friday we will post the Superbowl Weekend Fallout Forecast. Some interesting reading about the high-energy X-ray machines that are scanning vendors prior to this event can be found here.

Thank you for your patience with the slight delay in these reports as we completed a major server upgrade yesterday.

*For a brief history on the origin of the Fallout Forecast and how risk areas are determined, go here.

Stay warm, and stay safe! ~ Christina



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