Wild Weather Images from around the World February 2 2014

Happy Groundhogs Day! Here are a few social media highlights of this weekend’s wild weather and skies worldwide:

AUSTRIA SUN HALOS: “I was skiing in Obertauern (Austria) today. The outside temperature was quite chilly with -12°C when we hit the slopes. Beautiful sun & ice halos made our skiing day even better!” Image by Christian Schartner – Obertauern, Salzburg, Austria


ENGLAND FLOODS: More severe flood warnings issued as England and Midlands face high tides and gale force winds. The UK’s January flooding passes all previous records of the past 247 years.

England 2


SERBIA SNOW: Snow drifts in places are 3.5 meters high (11.5 feet high), prompting authorities to close the main border crossing with Hungary. Rescuers, army and police have evacuated more than 1,000 people from cars and buses stranded in deep snow in northern Serbia. Several hundred people still remain stuck, the government had said Saturday.

Serbia snow instagram

Serbia snow dog

SLOVENIA ICE STORM: Locals using mallets to get into frozen cars, following a 3 day long ice storm.


ITALY SNOW: In the Dolomites to the north, the army was forced to intervene with snowplows to deal with a record amount of snow in the Veneto region. Over 2.5 meter/8.2 feet of fresh snow has fallen in the past few days. All mountain passes were closed. Train services to and from neighbouring Austria came to a halt.


ITALY RAIN: Hundreds of people were forced to evacuate their homes in the Italian city of Pisa as the Arno river threatened to burst its banks on Friday.

Italy rain

Hawaai snowmanHAWAII SNOW: Earlier this week, a snow storm hit the summits of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea on Hawaii’s Big Island and residents were (understandably) psyched. From flip-flop snowshoes to “snow surfing,” locals made the most of the snow days, perhaps teaching the rest of us to embrace the joys of winter a bit more.


Snow day hawaii

So what did the Groundhog say today? 6 more weeks of winter, baby!


He looks a little scared, lol. ~Christina


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