Fallout Forecast for the USA February 11 2014

This is the Fallout Forecast for the next 24-48 hours for the USA. The previous forecast and subsequent monitoring of rad levels showed correlation to high-med risk areas, as well as additional areas that plotted within the low-risk zones, which was unexpected. Such is the nature of fallout. As with weather, it can be somewhat unpredictable. The additional areas were within the states of Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Today, continued monitoring shows increasingly high levels continuing along the Gulf states.

Snowfall accumulations so far these season have been extraordinary. Philadelphia, who only had 6.8 inches at this time last year, has had 43.3 inches so far. Possible large amounts of snow, as high as 8-12 inches are being tentatively predicted for Washington DC through Maine, throughout this week. There is a possibility that the variance of Pax’s track will greatly add or reduce to this prediction, and who or where gets the greatest snow totals. Our fallout forecast may change as well, and will be updated accordingly.

WV 2.11

About the map: the fallout risk map is a screenshot of the continental US water vapor analysis at the time of posting. Areas in red indicate a high potential for fallout, areas in pink indicate a medium risk, areas in yellow are cautionary, but low. The areas not covered by a color indicator will essentially be precipitation-free. This map should only be a guide and does not in any way guarantee that your outdoor area is ‘safe’ or ‘not safe’. It simply shows the risk potential, based on a number of weather indicators and atmospheric transport studies.

Final preparations began all over the Deep South Tuesday morning as Winter Storm Pax, the 16th named winter storm of the 2013-14 season, began its first wave of snow and ice in several states.

The National Weather Service said today that the storm could be one of “historical proportions” with “crippling snow and ice amounts.” The agency wrote in an alert: “Prepare now for this potentially catastrophic event!!”

“Snow will accumulate on roads making for hazardous driving conditions today across the northern sections and tonight for all areas,” the Weather Service said. “As the more significant snowfall and ice accumulation occurs Wednesday and Wednesday night, travel will be dangerous given the high snow amounts combined with the ice. Widespread power outages are possible with the higher ice accumulation.”

screen shot 2014-02-11 at 11.48.03 am

Transportation officials started preparing for this storm Monday night by sanding and salting the roads, according to Ralph Ellis at CNN. Many Atlanta schools and businesses are also closed on Tuesday in advance of the storm.

“What we had two weeks ago was a minor event,” Glenn Burns, chief meteorologist for CNN affiliate WSB said. “This is likely to be a major event.”

Europe and other regions continue to experience epic snow, ice and flooding events of their own. Siberia even had a rare, pollution related “Black Snow” event today! See image highlights of the past weekend’s most wintry weather, from Tokyo to Sochi, here.

Weather slovenia-1200

For now, Valentine’s Day looks like it will be snowy, frozen, and cold-hearted for most of us, with some occasional rads thrown in to spice things up. To see a further explanation of the history of the Fallout Forecast, and how we determine risk analysis, see the initial post for January, 24th 2014.

Prepare now to stay warm, and stay safe! ~Christina



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