Fallout Forecast for the USA February 14 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day from Climate Viewer News! Please share these forecasts to help raise awareness of our current radiation fallout situation from the Fukushima accident, and other nuclear anomalies. This is the Fallout Forecast for the next 48 hours for the USA. The previous forecast and subsequent monitoring of rad levels showed correlation to high-med risk areas, although several radiation monitoring sites had to be utilized as the import feeds from the EPA were interrupted again.

WV 2.14


NETC nowCurrently, NETC and Radiation Network show a mix of rising levels in SoCal, as well as east of the Mississippi and on the eastern seaboard. The past few days there have been significant spikes in the Denver area, as well. Both screenshots are from 3:15-3:20 this afternoon, est.



This weeks winter storm Pax wrecked havoc for Southern, Mid Atlantic and Northeastern states. The latest storm, Quintas, will drop snow from St Louis through the Ohio Valley starting tonight, and continue on towards the east over the next 24-36 hours. As this system moves into Maine, forecasters are saying another 12-18 inches of snow are

Snowpocalypsepossible for the area as well as high winds. The back-to-back storms are causing a nightmare for travelers as well, as airlines canceled a record number of flights today. Inclement weather has also contributed to many accidents on roadways, one incident in PA involved over 100 cars.

Current listings for flight cancellations can be found at FlightAware.

See 10 tips for driving in snow and ice, here from Edmunds.com.

Some helpful advice for surviving an extended power outage in winter can be found here.

Got tealights? Then you can have some heat!

As much as I try to avoid snow and cold, I will be going out into the woods today to practice shooting my new pistol-grip crossbow (thanks to a tip from Kevin M. Allen #masterofmanythings)! This Valentine’s Day, please share love, caring, and concern for your fellow man, then regardless of the outcome, it will be OK.

Cross bow cupid

I love you all ~Christina



7 thoughts on “Fallout Forecast for the USA February 14 2014

  1. drudgereport has a “tips” section on the righthand side bottom of his page. post a link to these forecasts there to raise awareness. he probably won’t feature them, but you never know, it will help to let his site know that these exist and raise awareness

    also, go to http://www.thehill.com which is what most political gurus read and post these on different articles there

    gotta inform people who can make a difference, not just the choir


  2. As always, my abundant gratitude to you Christina, for all you do and have done. I do so value your reminders to be loving and kind, no matter what.
    I am in mid-coastal Maine, and would like to know of others in this area who might want to be in touch. Hopefully this year I will be able to purchase a geiger.


    1. I live in the Finger Lakes region of central New York. I am appalled at the blatant disregard mainstream media is giving Fukushima. It’s criminal. Interested in being in contact with you, greentara.


  3. We got nailed with a massive ice storm down here in Sumter, South Carolina. Looks like we may have another on the way, batten down the hatches! ❤ U Christina


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