Wild Weather Images – The Snow Moon – February 16 2014

Here are a few social media highlights of this weekend’s wild weather and skies worldwide, including some beautiful shots of the February Snow Moon.

Weather moon

Snow moon or Full Snow moon is a traditional name for the full moon that occurs in February in North America. Usually this month is a time for snow and cold air temperatures, and this is the reason for the name snow moonStorm moonhunger moonLittle Famine moon, and Full Bony moon are other traditional names for this particular full moon.

Weather 49 states snow

Snowfall now exists in 49 of the 50 states in the USA.

Weather snow moon

Absolutely gorgeous view from a plane with Northern Lights.

Weather low coast

A strong low off the east coast brought major snowfall to numerous states, already buried from the week’s previous storms.

Weather maine snow

People in Maine are learning to cope, sometimes just with a sense of humor.

Weather data tweets using snow

A twitterdata search shows how many people are tweeting about snow in the past few days.

Weather snow moon indiancountrymediannetwork

This image from Indiancountry reminds me of Robert Frosts’ “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” poem.

Weather Owen Sound

…and so does this one. Canadian Snow Moon from Owen Sound.

WEATHER Great Britain storm

The UK continued to get battered from this giant storm, but in some areas the sun is now shining, showing the damage inflicted on the coast.

Weather UK storm

Weather express aerial UK

Wild flooding pictures were posted all over social media.

Weather enjoy

Aerial shot from The Herald (below) shows what was left after water receeded along the coast.
Weather Cumbria

Still others in the UK took advantage of the storm totals to go skiing. Well, sort of. They have to dig out the chairlift first.

Weather Venice freeze

VENICE FREEZE: Image from David Icke’s website shows canals froze over in Venice.

Weather snow moon 2

RUSSIAN MOON: Courtesy of Sochi Olympics, which run until February 23rd.

Weather BBC japan

JAPAN SNOW: Another strong low brought more snow to Japan over the weekend. Some parts of Japan have seen as much as 45 inches of snow in a week.

Weather snow Japan

Gifu, Japan aerial shot.

Weather snow moon tokyo

Snow Moon rises over Tokyo.



Unfortunately for some of us, our views of this beautiful moon have been obscured.



“The woods are lovely, dark and deep, Snow moon draw
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”


 That gorgeous snowy-faced dog in the header is RadChick’s baby, who is 6 today. Here’s to many more walks in the snowy woods ~ Happy Birthday Kobe! XXOO


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