How to have a Happy Spring in a Horror Flick

The March equinox occurs the moment the sun crosses the celestial equator – the imaginary line in the sky above the Earth’s equator. This happens either on March 19, 20 or 21 every year. On any other day of the year, the Earth’s axis tilts a little away from or towards the Sun. Another imaginary line that was recently crossed was the 3rd anniversary of the Fukushima Accident on March 11th, the ongoing, unmitigated, and ever-burning reminder (for some of us) that we have now gone a full 3 years with most of the public still blissfully unaware the accident even happened, let alone that it is still going on.


Recently I spoke to a concerned and weary citizen named Linda from the west coast, who shared a meaningful observation based on her past and unfortunate personal-poisoning-experience from the shady corporate giant PG&E. Having lived through this before, her analogy for the Fukushima situation was this: “You know how in a horror movie only a few people really know what’s up? And everyone thinks they are nuts? And then all the disbelievers end up getting killed? And you can’t do anything but feel sorry for them, because you tried to help them and they don’t want to listen? That’s what I feel like is happening with Fukushima.” That actually sums things up rather well. At least in horror flicks as well as real life, good usually prevails over evil, or at least we like to think that it will. As far as the future of the nuke industry goes, that will be entirely up to us as inhabitants of Planet Earth, who forced to eat drink and breathe in all this nuclear crap, all of the time – including the industry’s ridiculous lies and rhetoric about accidents and leaks.

Although it’s not just Fukushima that is the nightmare. In fact, the nuclear monster made an appearance more than a few times in the past month or so with new and unprecedented events, smacking the sheep upside the head over and over that nuclear-related anything does not belong in anyone’s backyard, ever. Ask the people living in Carlsbad, New Mexico, how they are feeling about it right now.


The WIPP incident began when an industry-described ‘puff’ of radiation was released from what was also initially described as a ‘relatively benign event’ in a nuclear waste repository, following a strange fire at the same location a few weeks before. WIPP had been studying and experimenting with ways in which to try to keep dangerous and toxic radioactive waste from poisoning and killing people where it is currently stored above ground, essentially all over the US and elsewhere. Apparently, the project blew up on them, as well as all over the countryside and the city of Carlsbad. Without going into all of the gory details, in a few weeks time this ‘benign event’ has escalated into a possible total cavern failure, along with a damaged ventilation system which keeps all the dangerous stuff underground and away from people, when of course it’s functioning properly. We also learned in the past few days that WIPP is still releasing radiation, although those of us that warned in the beginning not to trust anything from the DOE or mainstream media about radiation exposures were told to ‘get a grip’. Well, in the span of a few short weeks, we have gone from “one canister was affected” to “many canisters were affected“, and from “the release only lasted seconds” to “the release lasted 30 minutes,” and now this latest revelation that was preceded by the obligatory “oh my gosh we’re so sorry”-  but guess what: “the release is now continuous.” They are also unsure of when exactly it will be fixed.  That’s usually how horror movies plays out, and that’s essentially how it has progressed for the normally sunny-sky inhabitants of southern New Mexico, who are now getting rather understandably pissed off with the whole situation.  This is a typical nuke accident cover-up scenario, where the truth is leaked slowly to avoid a panic and subsequent anti-nuke stampede by the sheep, as a result of said accidents’ real story. Then, in a predictable show of journalistic mis-direction, a local news station, KRQE, decided to try to change the focus off of the radiation uncertainties, and instead did a report on “WIPP conspiracy-theorists” – using a popular and well-loved activist as an example for their embarrassing piece. Known as BeautifulGirlbyDana on You Tube, Dana Durnford hosts a nightly online show where he uses his cleverness and intellectual humor to educate others about the nuclear industry’s history of evil antics, and shares many, many examples of why people who are nuclear shills should be regarded about as highly as pond scum, among other things (and I imagine that now includes the folks at KRQE). Nuda Waya, another vocal activist who recently marched in DC, found a rather comical if not sinister coincidence in the WIPP numbers. “WIPP is licensed for 10,000 years. They had there first accident at 15 years of operation so dividing those numbers to get a predictable statistic of what we have to look forward to, the answer is a stunning and alarming 666.6666666666667 more accidents to look forward to for the duration of their license….Fun, huh? Any questions?” Oh we have many, but apparently the DOE and WIPP reps have now decided to  stop answering them. If you really want answers, I suggest you watch Dana’s show instead. He will at least give you the truth of what he knows, as well as some unique perspective as only someone who truly cared about the planet and its people possibly could, and, he will find a way to make you laugh about it.  Also I say unique, because it’s not a quality you find in many places today, and you certainly won’t see it in mainstream news.


Then we learned of the “Hanford dam crack” which is upstream of one of the most radioactive places on earth, the Hanford site along the Columbia River in Washington State. The enormous new crack was described as 65 ft long and 2 inches thick, and after a week of nervous civil-engineers pouring over what to do about this problem, as well as hundreds of calls placed to city offices from concerned inhabitants located downstream, the crack was reported to have magically “fixed itself” and the Hanford dam-doom was cancelled by NBC, as well as local news affiliate stations.  NPR however disagreed, and said Hanford dam-doom was still on, when experts interviewed about the present condition of the dam had this to say:

Anna King, reporter: “What’s troubling to experts on dams and concrete structures is [it] not only cracked, it’s slipped a little.”

Rob Shogren, Lafarge International concrete company technical director: “A 2-inch thick crack can be significant, it depends on where it is in the structure, how deep it goes and what caused it.”

John Osteraas,  a disaster expert: “We’ve certainly over history seen some fairly spectacular failures of dams, there’s an enormous amount of energy stored in the water behind the dam. The dam failed with no clear cause — it’s what disaster experts call a ‘sunny day scenario’”

Anna King: “The coming months could get complicated for dam engineers’ ‘band-aid’ efforts — Right now, the mighty Columbia River is at its low winter levels, but soon spring snow melt will swell the downstream river flows.”

Well, guess what…it’s SPRING!

And in Canada, there was the sorted tale of the Halifax radioactive leaking-than-not-leaking shipping yard incident. When a shipping container holding casks of Uranium Hexafluoride was dropped at a shipyard downtown, initial reports stated radiation levels had increased and the casks were leaking. People following the conversation on the Halifax Fire Dept live-feed heard evacuations being discussed, including the extention of needed evacuee accomodations due to the late arrival of the Canadian Nuclear Crisis team the next day. However, an all-clear was later declared a few hours later and everyone pretended not to know anything about leaking containers. Perhaps they were unaware hundreds of people know how to use Broadcastify. The casks were then were loaded on a truck and sent out for inspection, their current location unknown to the general public, but they are somewhere on an unassuming and lonely highway in North America.(Time Machine, The)_01

There were also a number of reactors having problems and emergency shutdowns nationwide, from a wayward metal piece found stuck in the most seriously crucial part of a nuclear reactor at the Palisades Plant on Lake Michigan, to the ancient and ever-glitchy Brown’s Ferry reactor in Northern Alabama. Problems and shutdowns also occurred at Grand Gulf in Mississippi, Byron in Illinois, and the recently re-opened Ft Calhoun in Nebraska. We had an airlock failure of the containment at Brunswick in North Carolina. And at the Paducah Plant in Kentucky, we learned of a system failure in their emergency sprinkler systems, which is kinda important to have working in any facility with alot of radioactive stuff laying around. Especially one that was recently hit by a tornado. In a horror film, this many events would probably each have their own sequel and maybe a whole new genre of scary movies: “Cauchemar nucléaire”.  And all of this excitement was jam-packed into just the last 6 days.


Needless to say, these events in their totality are not only annoying and dangerous for downwinders but difficult to get current up-to-date information about any of their statuses, let alone the looming problems of a planet-killer like Fukushima, that has been going on 3 years straight. More often then not, the mainstream media seems to be having an enormous amount of difficulty getting any of their facts straight, about anything and everything they cover. Ask anyone who has been jerked around trying to follow the missing Malaysian plane story, or witnessed the big ol’ penis event 2 days ago on Seattle TV as news anchors live-scrolled through the station’s twitter account looking for pics of a helicopter crash. The current state of affairs in our mainstream media are laughable and no longer regarded as real, as most smart people realized long ago (See: News Ratings). I only hope and imagine this is giving their network executives some deservingly bad dreams of their own.

On the bright side, all these events may be something to be thankful for, as these current breakdowns in the nuclear machine solidify the unaddressed safety issues surrounding these plants that activists and people who love our planet have been screaming about for decades, and which is getting increasingly hard for the sheep to continue to ignore, and the companies to continue covering up. Eventually more will fail, and eventually the industry will have to be shutdown, when enough people really do actually get it.  Fukushima, the biggest granddaddy of them all, probably should have made this abundantly clear 3 years ago. Even the former chairman of the NRC seems to agree.

In a horror movie, the characters will use wooden stakes, machetes, and sometimes their ability to just run really f*cking fast to get out of scary and life-threatening situations. But when your biosphere gets contaminated, where can you run to?  For those of you who are new to this radioactive reality show, there are 3 basic things that can help save you or at least get you on the right path. Detox, sleep, and adjust your attitude.

Detox and diet are key to cleaning you up and keeping contamination out of your daily food supply.

Sleep is very restorative and absolutely essential to keeping your immune system strong.

Attitude is awareness with a sense of healthy optimism, which must be maintained, no matter how difficult things become. And also, realizing life is short, so adjust yourself accordingly.

Zombie girl

So basically health has to be your number one priority. Because without it, everything just sucks: La Fin Absolute Du Monde’. But it doesn’t have to be the Absolute End of the World. There are many things that can be done to avoid radiation in our environment, and with that will come the knowledge that we certainly shouldn’t be making more of it, or being so careless with something that can affect us so profoundly, and already has. Lucky for us, the March equinox has also long been celebrated as a time of rebirth. We certainly need one because without it, the show is almost over.

There are two equinoxes every year – in March and September – when the sun shines directly on the equator and the length of day and night is nearly equal. In the fight of good vs. evil, this is what is known as face-off or “se mesurer” ~ the final battle between predator and prey, the final conflict before the ending of the scary movie. Your mind will be your most powerful weapon in this battle. But consider yourself lucky if you can still run really f*cking fast too, because one of these days you may need it, to get away from the nuclear monster that is chasing all of us. Just don’t trip while your running away.

 Butterfly dream



3 thoughts on “How to have a Happy Spring in a Horror Flick

  1. Thank you for the eloquent article Christina. Still not spring to me until it stops snowing. Last year up here in TC Mi.the final snow was May 11th 2013. I was away from Mich. for 35 years but it just is not the same. All the birch trees are gone, and trees up here just bend and twist in the middle of the tree, bark falling off and black spots on maples and oaks. Is an average CPM of 26 to 33 normal?


    1. The black spots were all over the fruit and leaves this fall after August, and from what I am hearing it was extremely wide spread througout N America. Most of the more concerning videos and pics seem to be from the Great Lakes area. Check this one out: I think he said he’s in the UP?

      33’s a bit high but it’s much higher here downstate. Auburn Hills. We are thinking seriously of a move pretty far south.


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