Summer of Dissent: 10 ways to Solve all of Michigans Problems

  1. hold or express opinions that are at variance with those previously, commonly, or officially expressed.

flag-bathing-suitMichigan has always been a pretty cool state, besides the fact you can point to where you live on your right hand, a trait which is almost genetically inherent to us. Summer in Michigan is a time to enjoy the scenic wonders of local beaches and swimming pools. And after a fairly cruel winter this year, Michiganders have been anxious to get out and enjoy the warm breezes and sunshine. But the economic hardships of our state have slowly crept into many of our lives. Fun in the Sun is nothing more than a nostalgic memory for many of us old enough to remember them, and the pristine waters we played in as kids are hiding some deep secrets that have affected the health of many of this states residents, often without their knowledge. This summer will be no different, and for some, it’s going to be much, much worse. Especially if you are a resident of the City of Detroit.

The story you are about to hear is extremely disturbing. But for those of us who have followed the New World Order’s plans to implement Agenda 21, this is really not a shocker at all.

Because of some unfortunate and longstanding management issues within the Detroit water department, entire neighborhood blocks have been having their water shut off, without warning or due process, starting 2 weeks ago. However, in the short time since this shut off program was implemented, it has escalated rather quickly into something entirely different. Some of the affected residents, mostly mothers of young children, who asked for verification or proof from the city that they were ‘on the list’ have been jailed, in a concentration-camp style prison that was recently reopened. While in this prison, they have been exposed to deplorable conditions. There is talk from well-respected local activists and attorneys of major human rights violations that are happening in this facility. And, it gets worse. A few days after water services are Hemp detroitdiscontinued, Child Protective Services has been descending on these communities and are taking the children from these homes, placing them in the far-from-stellar State Foster Care System for their own ‘protection‘. As hard to believe as this is, this extremely distressing scenario is real, and will be going on all summer long. The shut off project is being managed by a company called Homrich Wrecking, that was already ousted in 2011 for having sketchy business contracts within the city, worth millions. This time around, Homrich has been handed a cool 5.6 million to shut off the water to 70,000 families as little as 2 months behind on their water bill, a bill that totals roughly $150 bucks. This is regardless of whether or not their taxes, mortgages, and other utilities are up-to-date, in a city that has already lost a million people over the last decade due to outsourcing of jobs in the automobile industry, and a number of other economic factors. Detroit is in Big Trouble, but then again, so are many other cities around the country. And there is a lot more going on then just water shut offs, in case you haven’t noticed (Note: please read this article at Voice of Detroit to get the full picture).

Meanwhile, Mike Illitch, the owner of both the Tigers baseball AND Red Wings hockey teams (and whose net worth is 2.4 billion), along with Ford Field, Veteran’s Hospital, and the Detroit School System, are not being affected by these mass shut offs, even though they are millions of dollars behind on paying their bills, too. At some point it was decided it would be a brilliant strategy to just go after the neighborhoods first. Well, it’s going to be a long, hot summer, and the fallout from this situation has only just begun. Of course none of this is being reported on the local news, whose occasional ‘in-depth investigations’ are often superficial and lacking many important facts, probably on purpose. Now before you all go hatin’ on Detroit, there are a few items that need to be brought to your attention. To explain what is happening in the simplest of terms, this is a culmination of bad and even intentional decisions that have been made in the Hemp toiletcity for decades, and shady business dealings that have their roots in organizations like the Carlyle Group, an international cartel run by, among other former world leaders, George Bush and son George W. Bush, and the Bilderbergs, who coincidentally are meeting this week in Copenhagen to discuss ways to further derail the health and welfare of people all around the planet in a bid to create a New World Order they so desperately desire. Copenhagen is a long way from Motown, but the effects of their sinister plans are being implemented in covert missions like what is occurring now. Of course, Detroit has a long, dark history of letting scumbags run things, but the reason Detroit was the first city to file for bankruptcy in the United States has little to do with the people living there, and everything to do with the people in charge. This is not a black thing or a white thing, a rich thing or a poor thing, a left thing or a right thing – this is a Human Being thing. And what is happening right now in Detroit is likely a harbinger of what the rest of the country is in for, in the not too distant future. This time, it’s about water – next time, who knows. There is a whole host of ways this scenario can go down; the shutting off of services, jailed for asking questions, abduction of our children under contrived circumstances…whether you can pay your bills on time or not. Apparently, people who don’t get that, do not understand that the government is not here to protect you. You may have never heard of Agenda 21, where no one is safe from these disastrous plans for total control by the Elites. When I say “Elites” I don’t necessarilyHouse on fire mean people who have a lot of money. Even if you are a doctor living in a million dollar house, don’t think you have been granted some kind of immunity from your future home at Camp FEMA. The land that you live on, and the lake that you sit on, may just be something these people decide they want eventually, too. And there will be nothing you can do to stop them, no matter how rich or powerful you think you are. You are still only part of the 99% – just one of the many serfs, slaves and tenants that serve the interests of The Powers That Be. The 1% is an exclusive club that makes all the rules, pulls all the strings, and you are never, ever getting into it. And right now, they are pulling the strings hardcore in Detroit neighborhoods, to see how everyone will react. How ironic is it that in a state surrounded by the largest freshwater lakes in the world, would be the first to have this kind of situation arise? Is Detroit really a test case, for what these sneaky bastards have in store for us?

Protesting these kinds of egregious acts becomes rather difficult when you feel like total crap, or are too busy vomiting from your chemo treatment to stand up for yourself (more on that later). Despite our gorgeous scenery and lakes, the entire State of Michigan has been ruined for decades by letting industry dumping and mismanagement take place, pretty much unchecked. Our current Governor, who comes from an extremely wealthy family himself, has conspired endlessly with his friends in high places throughout his term. He only got elected because of his ties to the nuclear, gas, and oil industry, and received massive campaign contributions from not only them, but the Health Care Industry too, who reaps the monetary benefits of populations who have been nuked, contaminated, and toxified by careless pollution. It is clear from the crowding of cancer wards that something very unhealthy has been going on in this state for a very long time. We are not going to delve into these various issues in detail right now, but I will link you to an interactive Superfund site map, so you can see where all the pollution actually is, and who it’s from. My apologies if you can’t see the state itself through the enormous amount of green dots. But what you can clearly see, is this isn’t just a ‘Michigan Problem’.

Superfund cleanup sites – per EPA data

Considering all of our overwhelming environmental, monetary, political, and pollution issues carefully, and using as much common sense as one can possibly muster, there are 11 things that need to be done immediately in the State of Michigan to Save our Souls, and they go something like this:

1. Kick all major banks out of the state, pronto, and then sue them for damages. Tally up the fraudulent foreclosures and calculate in a factor for pain and suffering they have caused so many. Michigan will no longer Overgrown grass and weeds are seen around a vacant house that has flowers painted on the boards to keep vandals out in the Brightmoor neighborhood of Detroitdo business with anyone but credit unions. We are going to need A LOT of people to work in this field, from paralegals to accountants, secretaries, support personnel, and every facet of building and construction to fix dilapidated empty homes, which the banks were allowed to neglect after mass confiscation occurred. We need to also consider this for all current sitting politicians, lawmakers, judges, city attorneys, and the police departments as well. If you have even one spot of tarnish on your record, you will be under house arrest until we sort all this out. If you are an elected official who has helped these jerks ruin our scenery, health, happiness, and well-being, your life is going under a microscope, and you will be judged by a panel of your peers…the other 99%-ers.

2. Legalize marijuana and hemp, immediately. Any ‘criminal history’ related to marijuana will be expunged. That means, if you had a felony for possessing a cannabis plant, you don’t anymore. If you are in jail for something as ridiculous as this, you are now out. Your so called ‘criminal history’ – will be forgiven and erased. Marijuana was demonized years ago, in a concerted effort to benefit the paper and pharmaceutical industry; and the DEA, courts, and the cops have taken full advantage of the fact that passive marijuana patients are easier to bust than heroin or other drug users, prompted by a lot of  disinformation about the ‘dangers’ of pot. But luckily, now we know Wheelchair-Police-Brutality-24better.  Massive apologies to those of you had your life ruined by just wanting to use a plant instead of prescription pills, but this – and lots of other things – was all designed to screw you. It will now be legal to grow, sell, and use cannabis, as much as you like, and whenever and wherever you want. It will have about the same legal significance as a dandelion.  In fact, its use will be encouraged because of it’s ability to treat 126 different medical conditions, and protect you from radiation and toxic chemicals, which we desperately need, whether you have been told about this or not, too (See: Fukushima). There are approximately 20,000 studies that have been done in Europe about this, and we have some major catching up to do to get on the ball. This will have the health care and pharmaceutical industry shaking in their boots, for sure – Michigan has been a cash-cow for them for a long time. But not to worry, I have already considered this – see item #7. As far as hemp goes, the plant used for eons to make paper, sails, rope, bricks, and about 50,000 other things (and has exquisite health benefits all on it’s own) will also be legalized. Hemp is like a giant natural filter which can remediate soils and suck out all the toxic crap contained within them. We will grow hemp from Lake Michigan to Lake Huron, and everywhere in between…to absorb all of these toxins stewing in the ground. There is nothing that does this as efficiently, or as cost effectively, as this wonderful and amazing plant. In Chernobyl, they have studied this for years, and experimented with turning the contaminated plants into biofuel. This will be the new focus of our dilapidated auto industry, cars that are made out of, and run on, hemp biofuel. Welcome back to Michigan, car companies…we missed you! Now, can we please get back to work?

3. Pull the plug on the nuke plants right now, and create a whole new research industry to contain dangerous nuclear waste. We can not be making more of this stuff, and we need an aggressive and urgent plan to deal with the millions of tons of it around the world. We won’t be storing it in Michigan, oh hell no – and further contaminate our water supply? Are you kidding me? Michigan will be the new leader in this field, and experts from the world over will want to live here to conduct their important research. Nuclear plants are money pits anyway, but no one ever told you this, because they are actually used to make bombs. Millions of gallons of fresh water from the Great Lakes are wasted each day cooling their extremely dangerous bomb-fuel, in aging and leaky facilities all around our beautiful, third coast beaches (See: PointBeachPalisadesFermiCookBruce PowerDavis-BessePerryGinna and Nine Mile Point leaks).
Extinction pollution-global-warming-prevention-738373_1024_1005

4. Kick all chemical, oil and gas industry out of the state, right away. No more drilling, fracking, and spilling into rivers and streams. There is a whole new industry that will arise out of this as well, called Decontamination Specialists. We can be the worlds leading experts in decontamination remediation, and we will get a lot of practice doing it, with all the places in our state that needed to be cleaned up. We will also be suing the chemical, oil, and gas industry to cover all the costs of this, of course. We will be too busy putting on our HazMat suits and cleaning up their mess they made, to worry about how to pay for it all. To ensure these Wake up americacleanups get properly funded, everything these companies owned in this state – bank accounts, property, and their CEO’s sprawling mansions – will be frozen and put into a special trust, again funding a LOT of jobs to manage it all, because they have poisoned us considerably. Just wait until we factor in pain and suffering, too, for how they have impacted our lives and health. We are talking some big, BIG numbers here.

5. Paper Industry – we are writing you off too. We make everything out of Hemp now, didn’t you hear? Oh, you will also be making a generous donation to get this program started, by retrofitting your own plants to process hemp instead of wood pulp. Why will you do this? Because without doing it every asset you hold in the state will be frozen, indefinitely (all held in credit unions, of course). We will not be cutting down any more trees in Michigan, unless they are sick and diseased, of which many already are (although we have been told it’s all ‘drought-related’).

6. Growing food indoors with aquaponics will be the newest and safest farming around, and Michigan will lead this effort as well. Farmers will learn much from the cannabis growers about this process, who have been mastering it for decades. We will become experts and exporters of food that is non-GMO and uncontaminated, all grown indoors, with clean air and water. Everyone in the world will want our clean and healthy food, especially because it’s becoming extremely hard to find. Maybe one of these days, we can move the plants outside again, when everything has been cleaned up – but it’s going to be awhile before that can ever happen. From this, alternative energy ideas will also arise. Germany and other forward thinking countries have already shown this is entirely possible. And we are going to need it, with the winters that are in store for us in the future. Unless you really enjoy paying $300 a month to heat your house.

7. Health Care Industry – by now you are probably stroking out over this list! But not to worry, you can stay here. Brain hopeBecause we have a lot of sick people in Michigan that need you, and will in the future. But instead of focusing on treating sick people like you’ve been doing, we will now be focusing on preventing sick people in the first place. I know this will greatly reduce your ability to rip off – I mean ‘make money’ – on patient volume, but that’s how we roll in the new Michigan. If you can’t handle the adjustment, then get out of the state. There will be lots of people who want to be part of this effort, so we aren’t worried about losing you. In fact, Michigan can become the worlds leading expert on cancer mitigation for toxic substances, and its effect on a person’s quality of life (which I predict will be total awesomeness). We will be publishing many studies on this, so the rest of the world can try to save itself too. You doctors and health care professionals will be working closely with lawyers and toxicologists, because after we sue these companies for the countless families they have poisoned in the our state, then we will turn our attention to the rest of the country and help other lawyers learn how to do this. And there are a lot of other places around the country that need the help…just ask Erin Brockovich. Or take a look at her current cancer cluster map, to see where the fallout from toxic industries has already occurred, and given lots of cute little kids brain and eye cancer.

8. Clean water experts, we will need a lot of you, too. Your only qualification will be loving the Great Lakes. If you are already a fisherman or boater this may be the career change you have been dreaming of. How many of you assumed that Michigan was a great place to live, being surrounded by such huge bodies of water? Do you currently feed the fish you catch to your wife and children? If so, tsk tsk, you may want to catch and release, instead. We have trashed our Great Lakes mercilessly, and now, we are all going to figure out how to clean them up…and I mean REALLY cleanHemp michigan old postcard them up, not just the occasional trash removal photo-op. And any water that’s being shipped to China or Nestle’, and not being kept here at home? Those contracts are OVER. We will keep our water from here on out, as it will be part of an enormous and ongoing science experiment for the Greater Good. Go find your own water to make your chocolate. Fish, birds, frogs, and lots and lots of other animals are really going to appreciate you, too.

**Speaking of water: To the surrounding states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and the country of Canada; obviously we can’t be completely effective without your help. We all share this beautiful region and have one of the most unique and important ecosystems in the world. We – the Great Lakes States – need to lead the way on this, and transition is always difficult…but if we don’t do it now, what is coming is far scarier. In fact, it’s already here. Don’t be misled like we have been, your cities all have the same issues that Detroit has, including empty pension funds, massive pollution, and corrupt legislators. If you didn’t already know this, you may want to start paying attention – starting yesterday.

9. Although this will probably be the most unpopular suggestion (sadly I might add), we will also be banning the use of cellphones across the entire region. The cell phone industry has made a lot of money off us, and we enjoyed the phones while we had them. Instead, we are going back to landlines, more old school tech that worked pretty good in the recent past. Everyone knows that wifi signals cause cancer, including the cell phone companies – it’s in their own pamphlets that come with their phones! So do Smart Meters, Gwen Towers, and other arrays that carry their signals. The cell phone companies will NOT be off the hook for the cancer outbreaks, either. Now I am sorry to say that you will not be able to carry your laptop around your house anymore, it will have to be plugged into to an Ethernet cable, how terrible. But if you would prefer to get your cancer gift the state has set aside for you, maybe you should consider moving to another wifi/surveillance state – there will still be 49 of them to choose from. The phone companies, who want you to think they are your best friend and make you look cool, have also been secretly letting the government use your phone to spy on you for years. Every time you upgraded your phone, you actually upgraded your own bugging device. This also applies to your children and teenagers, who are recorded 24/7,  including when they are taking showers and going to the toilet. That is just wrong on many many levels, and needs to end now.

10. And last but not least, end our ties with the Federal Government, and it’s corrupt monetary system. They have gasmask_by_myseps-d4hozu3 Franklinhad years to straighten out their act. But all they do is drain us of money and provide nothing but pain in return. Michigan will have to become a sovereign state, because we need to do things our way, without interference. This will take care of a number of pesky problems, right off the bat. No more planes spraying us for weather control, or whatever excuse they are using this week. No more Homeland Security bullsh*t to deal with. No more federal taxes that go to making weapons and invading foreign lands, and blowing the legs off little kids to “Spread Democracy.” No more draconian gun-law-strong-arm tactics brought on contrived False Flag events, at least in this state. In fact, since the Federal government is not going to like this plan at all, so we will need a lot more guns to protect ourselves. So firearm training, use, and ownership will now be encouraged, and open or concealed carry will be allowed everywhere. An armed society is a polite society. Just review the horrific violent crime increases in places like Australia or the UK after firearms were banned. Gun laws do not keep firearms out of the hands of criminals, period. If you believe that, you are delusional, and probably enjoy your spoon-fed propaganda as much as you do a bowl full of (GMO) cheerios.
Don’t get me wrong, we will still have laws. But we need to wipe the books clean and start over in almost every aspect of our society, and that should have been obvious for a while now. How we exactly accomplish this is beyond my comprehension, but we have some very smart and industrious people living in this state already, and I hope they are paying attention. Personal responsibility is always taken more seriously when societies actually stand a chance of being happy and successful, if they follow the rules. But the way things are now, your whole life can be destroyed, because decisions were made years ago to fleece the American public in every way imaginable. We ain’t seen nothin’ yet either; There are people meeting in secret right now, to discuss further ways to accomplish this. The way we stand currently, the laws have been set up for people to fail. The utilities have been set up to screw you, and in turn make lots and lots of money for a few very rich people. And the courts have been set up to screw you, too. If you become part of the system, you can never get out. Companies have been allowed to run amok with no regards for their endless pollution and dirty politics. The politicians have aided and abetted these disastrous decisions, and created more schemes in every aspect of our lives. Things have been mismanaged in an extraordinarily bad way, and there is lots of blame to go around. But ultimately most of it falls on us, because we allowed it to continue. However, it has now become a life or death situation. Ask the people in Detroit how many days you can live without water.

Recycle bin

Although you may not agree with all 10 of these suggestions, it needs to be looked at as a package deal; there really is no time for debate. As radical as some of these may seem, this is the easiest way to correct the most wrongs, and get the state headed in a different direction. Without the influence of major banks, we will not be prone to a huge economic collapse that will soon be affecting the rest of the country. Without nuclear, chemical, oil and gas industry pollution, we will have cleaner air and water from this point out, regardless. With marijuana being legalized, we will solve many of our overcrowding problems with the jails and the courts, and the focus can return to fighting real crime. Both cannabis and hemp legalization will open the doors to  major economic opportunities, with both being some of the fastest growing industries in the world. Sick people, and those worried about getting sick in the future, can mitigate toxins naturally without the threat of life-destroying legal problems. And, without the use of cellphones, the delicate harmony our bodies have with the earth will not be disrupted. Frequency is very important to the health of our bodies and cells. Wifi greatly interferes with this process and prevents us from having restful sleep and stronger immune systems, Smile in troublewhich we need to fight cancer. But another wonderful side effect of not having cell phones, is something we have all but forgotten how to do: interacting with people face to face, talking to our neighbors, and taking notice of the problems around us that need our immediate attention. Our phones have become our link to humanity, but it is a false and fake one…the real humanity has been bleeding to death in the corner. No one has really paid attention but an alarmed few, maybe because it wasn’t on their phone, or their Facebook and Twitter feed. We need to find solutions, drastic and radical ones, and stop allowing ourselves to get distracted by some other useless info we are served daily, while the world burns.

We will need scientists, physicists, researchers, biologists, gardeners, farmers, cannabis growers, hemp experts, lawyers, cancer experts, health care providers, car builders, water experts, and generally anyone who loves the planet and is concerned about our immediate future, to apply. We will need people to take the incentive to help make these huge changes, and to make the transition as smooth as possible. We will need more trade schools to get trained in these fields, because our problems are urgent and we can’t wait for people to get degrees (which often times was useless anyway, especially in a state where there are no jobs). But if you can’t find a career you LOVE in one of the above mentioned areas, you are probably just a born complainer, really difficult to please, or one of the misguided who still thinks ‘Everything Is OK”. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

For those who are staying, or packing right now to move here: Welcome to the New Michigan! If we don’t make these changes, it’s going to be a painful and miserable future, filled with sickness, trauma, and a whole lotta pain.

And for many of us, it already is.

This article was made possible by inspiration from the brave words and actions of Charity Hicks, Mimi German, and Alicia Consolo.

Hemp think




2 thoughts on “Summer of Dissent: 10 ways to Solve all of Michigans Problems

  1. I see the writing on the wall big time even up here in TC Mi. While at the March Against Monsanto here last month, I was talking with a man who lives on a road near me, outer limits of Grand Traverse Couny. He said that the water district was attempting to hook him up with city water when he is using his own well and septic tank. Same with most of us out here. I already had a Smart Meter here when I bought the place and the only gas appliance is running to the electrically operated furnace. Metered use of the water pump already on electric bill,but now they want to meter water use and sewage too! Scary future for those who survive! Thank You for this thorough report.


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