Epic Weather Week – Images from across the World

This past week has been very intense weather-wise. From the cleanup from Hurricane Arthur to the incoming Typhoon in Japan, next week may be just as interesting. We collected some of the most outstanding images from social media to show the highlights of what has been happening around the globe. Enjoy~

SPAIN: an intense storm dropped over a foot of hail and caused significant damage.

Weather weekend spain 1 ft hail




Weather weekend hail spain

PARAGUAY / RUSSIA / CHINA: Epic flooding from heavy rains.

Weather weekend paraguay



Weather weekend heavy rain russia




Weather weekend china floods

BULGARIA: Still cleaning up from flooding they had a week previously.

Weather weekend Bulgaria clean up

CANADA: Heavy rain and hail in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Animal rescues made headlines when 2 brave men swam through high waters to rescue stranded foxes.

Weather weekend Brandon




Weather weekend flood canada


Weather weekend hail canada




Weather weekend foxes

USA: Storms continue to batter the Plains and Midwest.  Hurricane Arthur also wrecked havoc all along the East Coast, but it could have been much worse. Cloud formations as storms moved into Chicago and NYC were menacing.

Weather weekend Iowa

Weekend weather Chicago


Weather weekend NYC

Weather weeknd tweet coney
There was also this little dust storm in Arizona…

Weather weekend arizona dust plane

Weekend weather Phoenix

Pets needed rescuing from some of the flood waters…

Weather weekend lost dog


But despite some scary skies most cities in the US still managed to pull off a spectacular 4th of July firework show.


Weather weeknd Boston







There were also some moments of epic beauty, although fleeting…from rainbows in NYC to noctilucent clouds in Norway.

Weather weekend nyc rainbow

Weather weekend norway clouds

Hope everyone in the US enjoyed their 4th of July.  NSA was watching, to make sure you did.

Weather weekend NYC statue

Our new Mutation Map is now live, please consider uploading your pictures so you can be part of this one-of-a-kind collection of images.


2 thoughts on “Epic Weather Week – Images from across the World

  1. Hello! You forgot the great floods in Balkans. Thousands of houses flooded and vilages lost in landslides. There is no evidence of such catastrophe in last 300 years. If youre interested I can send you some pics!


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