Divers in Detroit? Try Worldwide

From the blazing-hot topic of water shut-offs, to the now historic flooding of the Motor City, Detroit has received quite a bit of attention during our summer of dissent. No, we haven’t had any problems like the epic showdown happening in Ferguson, and luckily Detroiters have always been a resilient lot. However, this latest round of water-related mayhem may just be what puts people over the edge, as hundred of thousands of homes have now sustained major water damage from record rain and flooding, and will have weeks and months of restoration ahead in terms of decontamination, debris removal, and drying out. As difficult as that task is, it is impossible without running water for residents in the city who have found themself caught up in the fiasco of the water shut-offs, and likely will lead to abandonment of more structures as the stench and black mold sets in.  Not only was the city of Detroit affected by the most recent round of storms, but almost the entire metropolitan area. The scope is absolutely enormous. The water has not yet receded enough to asses the damage to roadways, but early estimates is that the costs will most likely require federal emergency aid. Now consider this: in the days surrounding the Detroit flood, similar scenes played out as well in California, Nebraska, the Carolinas, Florida, Maryland, Connecticut, and New York. And much of it, completely oblivious ahead of time by well-paid meteorologists nationwide.

Hasty post-flood articles tried to ‘explain away’ why these epic rainfalls were missed, with one excuse after another. In the case of Long Island, a county executive reiterated several times at a press conference how “Unprecedented and unpredicted” the storm there was.

Welcome to the New Age of Weather. Just one surprise after another; and just one hundred (or two-hundred) year storm after another. And another. And another. And another.

Instead of going into a lengthy article on how the factors of geoengineeringmethane clathrate releases, a failing magnetosphere, sun activity and radiation from Fukushima may be playing a part (all 5 subjects which are unprecedented as well) we will just stick with a visual journey of what has transpired in not only the last week weather-wise, but in the last 2 months world-wide.

Let’s start with Detroit.

During the epic rainfall, commuters were faced with sudden surges in flood waters, even on public transportation. This video was uploaded by someone on a Smartbus driving down State Fair Avenue (NSFW):

Here we have one of the busiest interchanges in metro Detroit flooded to about 15 ft, where divers searched sunken cars for people who may have been trapped. The report is complete with a drone surveying at 3:50 in, which also seems to escape notice by the reporters:


Consider this scene being repeated for residents across not only multiple cities and states, but in countries around the globe. Now imagine trying to deal with this mess if you don’t have running water. That’s right, you can’t:


The disaster even warranted a rare appearance by  Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan, a creature about as elusive as the Loch Ness monster.


In addition to Detroit’s flooding, here are some scenes that appeared elsewhere in the US in just the last 10 days:

Southern California, August 4th:


Nebraska, where flood water destroys a hospital cafeteria August 13th:


Baltimore, August 12th:


Press conference in regards to New York rainfall, “Unprecedented, unpredicted” from a Suffolk County Executive:


And last but certainly not least, here is what went on weather-wise across the northern hemisphere during the months of July and August, compiled by HawkkeyDavis on you tube. This video covers extreme weather and flooding in Manitoba-Canada, Okinawa-Japan, Vietnam, China, Bonn-West Germany, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Belgium, India, and Turkey:

Do I even need to say it people?



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2 thoughts on “Divers in Detroit? Try Worldwide

  1. The Guardian says it was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who negotiated with Japan so fish from their waters could be sold to Americans without testing for radiation. It was in this article:

    California: Ground Zero for Fukushima Radiation?

    Someone will have to write an article about the history of the conversion of American Liberalism to Neo-Liberalism.
    Thanks. Sorry this was off topic but this ttavesty has to go on record.


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