Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (03-26-2015) The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Leak & It’s Effects

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On this edition of DTRH Popeye welcomes back friend, fellow broadcaster, and Fukushima expert Christina Consolo aka RadChick. The two of them cover the ongoing disaster that is the leaking Fukushima Nuclear power plant and all of the ongoing effects from it including: The health effects on humans and other animal life; The Pacific Ocean being contaminated and destroyed; The radiation being spewed into the atmosphere on a daily basis; The food chain; Food from the west coast; The effects of radiation on airplanes; The effect radiation exposure has on human mental health, and whether that could have been a factor in the crash of Germanwings Flight 4U9525. This is an extremely informational broadcast that everyone needs to hear.

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2 thoughts on “Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (03-26-2015) The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Leak & It’s Effects

  1. Christina, just a little more info for you already overflowing pile of info, I cut fruit and vegetables for a living. Im on the west coast of canada. Most of our produce comes from California. The strawberries have mutated and are now square and split like they have legs and grown bumps out of the bottom of them, like toes. I no longer eat them, i dont like touching them and tell anyone who will listen not to as well. I am seeing milder mutations in things like celery. I have started a photo documentation of this and would be very happy to share photos of what im seeing. I also want to tell you about CBD. Its a non thc derivitive of cannabis. We have natural cannabinoid receptors in these bodies we inhabit, and these are just a few of the things it does…cures cancer, boosts the immune system (all our systems are compromised), reduces inflammation in all our organs, heals neuropathways, cures cancers inside and on the skin of the body, and it is at this moment curing my 75 yr old mother of TERMINAL PULMINARY LUNG FIBROSIS. CURING HER!. She was given a death sentence 19 months ago. In december was so sick I was getting ready for her death and preparing for a funeral. We put her on CBD and she is now thriving, stronger, no longer on oxygen tanks, has huge energy, doesnt get any sickness going around, and she coughed out all the fibrosis along with the glass particulates that compromised her lungs in the first place. It is a super cheap solution to SO MANY illnesses. Compared to the insane costs put on us by the big pharmamafia. I left a comment for popeye about this on the show you two did on youtube in march. Please, do the research into this. It is life saving, preventative medicine. Thank you so much for all the work you do and the info you provide. It is very frustrating living in a world where people have NO IDEA whats happening. NONE!

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