Radiation Omnicide

“Radiation Omnicide”

Leuren Moret interviewed by Alfred Webre ⚛

As we quickly approach 6 year mark of the most devastating nuclear accident of our time, an accident that has never been turned off or mitigated whatsoever beyond the most superficial of fixes, let us review what our status was one year ago, as radiation levels slowly began to creep upward – as we approached the 5 year mark of the Fukushima Accident.

“We can not be any healthier than the environment around us is.” ~ Leuren Moret

A fascinating discussion between Alfred Lambremont Weber, JD MEd and Leuren Moret, BS MA PhD took place last year, that I have categorized for your perusal below. I believe this interview was recorded exactly a year ago today – on Leuren’s Birthday. I started time-stamping in August…and was not able to complete it until now.

During this past year, as I was struck down by a neurological disorder that continues to cause me great pain and disability, and I have not been able to contribute, and at times even communicate with friends and family, let alone do so publicly. The one person I did talk to during this time, and almost on a daily basis, was Leuren.

Without her guidance, support, prayers, knowledge, contacts, and wisdom, I am not sure I would be here today, let alone be typing and talking as I am now. That is no exaggeration, and something I may reveal more about at a later time. Maybe.

This interview is essentially timeless…albeit radiation levels have skyrocketed further since, and remain elevated far beyond what was discussed at the time of this interview. This conversation took place before the election, before the death of Castro, and before many of the notable people who died in 2016…many that occurred suddenly and unexpectedly. In hindsight, this interview is more of a goldmine of information today than ever before…especially in light of what has transpired since.

And in just the past few weeks, much of the information Leuren and I have shared about the condition of the Fukushima reactors since the accident has been revealed to be true. See here, here, and- most importantly – here. That includes the corium, aka melted nuclear fuel. The groundwater making contact through a river under the plant. The integrity of the buildings and site, overall. The plutonium that blew all over the world. And the relatively unknown risks flight crews and frequent fliers undertake while travelling through a contaminated air column.

Bob Nichols of Veterans Today is referenced repeatedly throughout this interview. He continues to compile data for his reports, the most recent of which can be found here.

Please also peruse the links at the bottom of the article, where Leuren was interviewed by Press TV just last week, about the “Radiation Connection” to the Syrian Conflict = DU.

Happy Birthday Leuren Moret…you are the closest to a real ~ Mother Earth ~ I have ever encountered. Many years of love, blessings, friendship and health to you. ~ Christina

0:22 Intro by Alfred Weber

1:20  “Radiation Report” by Bob Nichols of Veteran’s Today, presented at Vancouver Expo. Highest at time was Colorado Springs = 290x above normal.

3:50 Bob Nichols’ background as radiation researcher, very qualified to speak on radiation issues; history of successful anti-nuke campaigns.

7:20 Breakdown of radiation numbers.

9:11 “Extermination” is global and intentional. Neutron Bombs, DU, leaking Nuclear Plants, Fukushima. Dust storms in ME/Africa. Pathways through water, blood, skin, internal. Chernobyl/Ukraine Accidents. 300 cpm is mandatory evacuation level by US Govt own standards.

15:45 Cities targeted at time of interview Colorado Springs, CO; St Louis, MO; Miami, FL; Los Angeles, CA; Casper, WY; Billings, MT; Little Rock, AR. These are all EPA reported levels. All were above 1000 cpm.

17:56 Military/Soldiers being targeted.

18:40 Miami, Florida Turkey Point with significant leaks pouring into Biscayne Bay. Reference to Baby Tooth Study of 2004.

20:00 Fukushima levels in part secondary to millions of rad waste bags washed into ocean from cyclones and flooding. Fukushima debris field stretches across entire Pacific, from China to US West Coast.

22:04 Rainout/fallout continues 24/7 since accident began in 2011.

23:17 Stephen Chu, appointed Sec of Energy at time of Accident, controlled response.

24:40 Fukushima deliberate “False Flag” by allowing to continue.

25:20 Children still not being evacuated in surrounding prefectures.

25:47 Fukushima Activists being targeted; CMF, loss of income, disabling computers, foreclosures, strokes, MI’s, health problems of unusual nature, dropping off radar and public sites/social media.

26:35 Free Speech/Constitutional Right to speak out being compromised.

32:04 Stuxnet.

34:30 Rothschild/Rockefeller connection. Ancient blood lines behind bankers.

35:11 Fidel Castro – “Illuminati” families.

36:46 Alexander the Great = last Dynasty.

38:35 Alfred details ‘strange call’ before interview.

47:10 Technologies of Political Control; EMF Weaponry, demonstrated at Harvard, transferred to Police Departments as “Cop Toys”.

49:10 Judge Scalia’s Death.

50:05 Alfred details competing research into Judge Scalia’s Death

51:30 JFK, Bobby Kennedy, MLK – beware of wild hypotheses to bury the truth.

“Assassinations killed our Dream Makers, and replaced them with Dream Breakers…”

52:20 New Mexico, Tennessee, Kansas, Kentucky in Top 20 states over 1000 cpm. 3 – 5 x greater than mandatory evacuation level.

53:33 Leuren’s observations of present state of high rads and health effects…’shrinking oldest and youngest populations…’

56:00 Globally some areas even more severe. DU research shows decreased productivity in population with rad exposure.

57:32 D.I.M.E. = Genocidal use in wars with 100% tumorogenesis within 9 months.

1:00:20 Rad Effects cause lowered IQ, damage to mitochondria, heart and brain damage, and diseases that cause multiple syndromes.

1:01:30 Doug Rokke: DU exposure tracked through soldier sickness.

1:03:12 Marion Falk: Manhattan Project Scientist who personally trained Leuren.

“All governments are terrorist organizations…and all of them are lying about the dangers of radiation.” ~ Marion Falk

1:04:30 Civil Defense and flying risks.

1:05:40 Cannabis, THC, and CBD as defense against rad damage.

1:07:00 Biomats, infrared technology, avoidance of certain high-risk foods, weather, etc.

1:07:30 Leuren speaks about history of cannabis, a powerful plant and medicine.

1:17:23 CBD vs. THC explained.

1:22:06 Destruction of food base, Pacific Ocean.

1:26:00 Uranium and phosphate histome in DNA.

1:28:00 Altering of chromosomes, nanotechnology, and programmable behavior in biology.

1:32:00 Fallout from UC Davis interview w/ Darrell Hamamoto; What is going on at State Universities?

1:54:54 Satanism becoming mainstream. Prostitution being encouraged among female students.

1:55:30 U of M actively recruiting girls into prostitution.

1:57:02 College Campuses and Native American Reservations being flooded with heroin.

2:00:00 Begin Jesuit connections.

The 3rd hour of this extraordinary interview breaks down further Jesuit control, Georgetown University, the Clintons and Mena Airport (distribution for drugs, heroin), the Clinton Connection to many other unsavory activities, FEMA, Homeland Security transition, Spanish land grants, and how the California University system is helping roll out nefarious plans in other places of learning across the US. This info is a brief overview of what Leuren covered in much more depth previously, and I would highly recommend the full interview in my previous blog post: NWO – Full Speed Ahead ft Leuren Moret and Darrell Hamamoto, recorded in the Asian Studies Dept of UC Davis. I recently learned that Professor Hamamoto was fired following the airing of this damning interview.


As mentioned earlier, this is Leuren’s latest interview from Press TV, which aired on Feb 17th, 2017:

“American geoscientist and international radiation expert Leuren Moret says the whole country of Syria is plagued with radioactive contamination because the United States not only used depleted uranium weaponry, but provided it to terrorists fighting against the Syrian government.”


Article: Syria is plagued with radioactive contamination: Dr. Leuren Moret



Happy Birthday Leuren Moret, and THANK YOU for all you have done, and continue to do, for Humanity.

Leuren’s website: http://www.leurenmoret.info

Image: “Born to Touch The Sky” by Jamie Whitlow

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“Researching Fukushima and anything else I come across because of it.”

Host of “The Wigner Effect” Interview w/ Leuren Moret & Larry Battis

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