Fukushima 10 Year – Why so Serious?

It looks the same as Year One, right?

Not much has changed at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, sitting so innocently on the foggy coast of eastern Honshu, in the 10 years since the great Tohoku Earthquake of March 11th, 2011. Or in the past 3 years, 5 years, or even 9 years. At least, to the casual observer. One may think or believe, if they happen to catch the scant news coverage of one of the world’s greatest disasters of all time, that Fukushima was a done deal: fixed, rolled up in duct tape, and swept up in a trash bin, and whatever couldn’t be taped up or swept up just got stored in some big tanks that fishermen occasionally get angry about, and the news covers some heated exchanges between politicians and fisherman sometimes, and the rusty, radioactive can gets kicked down the road for another 4-6 months, until the issue rises again. Boring, repetitive shit. I wrote about this before Covid postponed the Olympics in late 2019, discussing how everyone is missing the big picture on this (like the huge river flowing underneath the damn plant that I’ve brought up in probably the last 20 interviews I’ve done), but you might as well shout this from a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, because that’s the amount of any ‘bad press’ nuclear seems to get nowadays, in the era of shadowbanning and AY EYE and such. We shall see how this one does. What? RIVER UNDER DAIICHI…but wait, there’s more, so much more.

Like for instance the melted fuel still has 300 tonnes of water poured on it every day…for the past 10 years. I’m serious.

Because for those who don’t know, this accident is STILL GOING ON. Pretty much stuck in same perpetual radiation cycle.

The tanks are just optics. The big story is the river under the plant…thousands of tonnes of groundwater pass through the site each day, with most passing right into the ocean. With hot cores below. See graphic above.

And, recently spicing things up, the 7.3 earthquake on February 13, 2021, caused water levels to drop in reactor pressure vessels 1 and 3, a problem that was not revealed for 10 days by TEPCO, and an issue they are still struggling to understand. So water injection, as well as nitrogen has increased, to prevent explosion.

That’s right, explosion. Because that’s what all this water pouring, all these years has been about, anyway. To keep Fukushima from going hydrovolcanic or ‘having a really big explosion underground.’ 

There are all kinds of reasons why you don’t want ‘a really big explosion underground’ at a place like Fukushima, that I won’t get into here, because honestly, if you haven’t cared enough to look into this issue or have even the most remote idea of what I’m talking about, you probably don’t want to start now. If you do, there is all kinds of articles written on the subject, but the way things are disappearing off the internet these days…well. 

TEPCO also revealed that seismic instruments broken in 2011 on-site were not available for readouts because ‘they still have not been replaced.’ Ha! No. But really, that’s kinda normal. For TEPCO.

But for those of us who HAVE followed this Ongoing Fukushima Nuclear Fubar event for 10 years, astounded by the lack of compassion for the Japanese people affected, the lying of TEPCO and the Japanese government, watching the sailors of the USS Ronald Reagan dragged through the courts while experiencing tremendous illnesses, and seeing the occasional visitors from 60 minutes or some other crap outlet that does a ‘heartfelt piece’ on some poor dude that stayed behind to feed everyone’s cows after towns of people bolted, it’s been a sickening, nightmarish decade to say the least. These brief snapshots in time are not the true story and most of it, the majority, is propaganda driven. These feel-good stories make people have some kind of false hope that ‘Hey, at least there will always be some nice guy to stay behind and feed everyone’s pets, huh’ if a nuke blows in Anytown, USA – this is not reality. This does not even begin to unearth the horror this accident has brought upon our world. We know the truth, and its way uglier; it will ravage you, your family, your life; and it’s a forever problem; it never, ever goes away. It blew out its dragon-breath daily in white and sometimes even black smoke on camera from under the plant in the weeks and months following the accident, as TEPCO got caught in lie after lie, finally admitting meltdowns had occurred. Trying lame-brained projects like the icewall, in a sign of desperation. Reports would leak about workers dying on the site in accidents; a wall falls over here, a worker falls into a tank over there, one gets run over by a tractor, the other pinned against a wall underground by a piece of machinery. Weird accidents, but dismissed by TEPCO spokespeople with a ‘shit happens’ attitude. Heart attacks would occur in high radiation areas on site, but deaths are never-ever caused by radiation exposure, the one and only thing TEPCO is ever super-clear about. NRC FOIA docs showed the US government was in fallout up to their necks at the beginning of the explosions, spinning a narrative to not scare Americans away from nuke power, continue visiting the west coast and Asia, and choking down sushi all the while. Hillary warned her friends to stay out of the rain and take off their shoes before walking on their carpets. Did you get the memo? No, because while other countries banned Japanese seafood imports, we formed a pact early on to continue ours with Japan. Fish with levels too high in radiation by Japan’s standards was (and still is) accepted for import to the US, because our limits are to the MOON in what we allow our people to eat. We’ll take almost anything. That is, what we CHECK. 

Radioactive cars showed up in Russia. Because they actually checked imports, knowing Japan had multiple meltdowns going on they were/still are lying their asses off about (which of course Russians are experts about too). Also, you can only find radioactive stuff if you look for it, because otherwise it’s invisible. Which makes pretending it’s not there, really really easy to do. The US government are also experts in this arena. They became keenly proficient at this during bomb testing, when they blew up stuff in the desert and they gave out car washes for free (with before and after gieger counter readings). That was around the time they coincidentally killed John Wayne.

There has been all kinds of books written about John Wayne, and how fallout likely killed him. Fallout is a well understood phenomenon after nuclear explosions and accidents now because we have literally had so many, and our goverment(s) have been playing with nuclear shit for so long. And Fukushima’s fallout has been tracked, and continues to be tracked. And since only a very privileged few can afford really expensive geiger rigs, and many of us the lesser models, citizen researchers joined forces and networked thru social media: comparing emissions from the plant, known weather patterns, rad maps in the US and Europe, tracking storms before – during – and after, and continue to provide each other with data and resources, sometimes even shipping each other instruments for trial before one considers upgrading to another model. Yes, this has been going on 10 years. These people are Dedicated AF. But what can be found concisely and consecutively is one thing for sure – there is fallout in our rain sometimes. The bigger question is – where is it coming from? 

Not all downwinders questions can be answered. Fallout measured in precipitation needs to be done precisely. Cosmic and terrestrial radiation can cause interference. We are being bombarded at levels our bodies, let alone our rad samples, can be curiously affected by. All nuke plants leak, all the time. Detections can be picked up after solar activity, after releases at MOX plants, or waste burning facilities, fracking sites, other nuclear sites, nuke labs, oh my god, the list is just fricken endless. You have to know what you are downwind from. The term downwinder has a sad and sorted history for the origin of the word itself for a reason.

Yet for those who have bookmarked the TEPCO live-feed and still periodically check it, much HAS changed in 10 years. In fact it’s been a never ending saga of bullshit, cover-ups, fuck-ups, pink shower curtains, duct tape, Japanese word-salad pressors, and FAT-ass lies. Big ones. Bad ones. Which is why the people that follow this topic are so ANGRY and passionate about it. We saw how in the first few days, when the buildings started exploding, nuclear experts were freaking out on TV. That was actually real. Most of it, anyway.

A few days later, neutron beams were reportedly being seen all over the site. That’s how we knew the reactor vessels were breached. That was also real. And very very bad.

Then a couple days after that, Fukushima reactors were supposedly ‘under control’. That’s when things started to get UNreal. And it was several months later, after on & off burning events were seen on live feeds, that TEPCO admitted reactor 1, 2, 3 had suffered meltdowns, and there were at that time ‘unknown amounts of damage’ to the rods in the spent fuel pools, which had lost water in the chaos/aftermath of the building explosions. 

NRC docs added to the confusion, as they stated their contacts in Japan indicated all of reactor 4’s spent fuel pool rods burned to a crisp. Weeks later were absolutely stunned to find out from Norway that fuel fragments were found in filters from Fukushima, from air masses that first passed over the US. This added ‘fuel to the fire’ that the NRC docs were indeed correct about unit 4. And it wasn’t just ‘dust’ it was ‘chunks’.

We watched as whistleblower after whistleblower came forward from Japanese Universities, trying to warn how unstable the reactor and meltdown status really is, and getting fired.

Alarming and Unusual mortality events began in seals. Polar bears were losing fur, and were covered in sores. The seal problems began first in Alaska, with UME’s eventually migrating down the Pacific Coastline, with stranding and rescues at record levels.

We watched as nurses and doctors in Japan were outraged that people were not being told at the amount of aborted fetuses (and babies been born) with congenital malformations.

We learned of the employment of homeless, drug addicts, and those in debt to the Yakuza, who have cut a deal with TEPCO in the ongoing, never-ending process of decommissioning Fukushima.

We watched the silencing law roll out in Japan, and our communication with our Japaneses counterparts basically cut off. 

We took note as CDC data in the US changed to ‘congenital malformations’ as the number one killer of newborns, where it used to be SIDS.

We also took note as ‘cancer’ became the number one killer of children in the US, where it used to be accidents. 

We learned of discussions in retina circles, as retinoblastoma becomes almost commonplace in Vitreoretina practices, what used to be an extremely rare occurrence. An eye cancer, usually found in cluster around nuke facilities, like the famous lawsuit settled with Simi-Valley. The one Vince Neil of Motley Crue was ‘too late’ in getting in on, when his 4 year old daughter Skylar had a huge tumor removed from her stomach (and later died), after living in a house in Chatsworth. 

We watched the starfish melt. The sardines disappear. Salmon runs were pathetic. Problem after problem was reported in Alaskan and west coast fisheries. I could write articles just about this problem alone. Oh wait, I have.

Orcas were losing their calfs at 100% mortality rate. I think last year they may have been able to actually keep a few. But some were not so lucky.

We watched in anguish as an orca pushed her dead calf around for a record number of days…a dead baby with a peanut shaped head: A hallmark in mammals of radiation exposure (coincidentally occurs in children who receive radiation for retinoblastoma of the eye, or for head and neck cancers).

And we were being bombarded by ads from ‘bonafide activists’ asking for $500 to test your seawater…activists and groups with ties to the DOE, DOD, and multiple government agencies and contractors. The agencies that make nuclear weapons. Are you kidding me? 

We watched select footage of fuel removal from 2 spent fuel pools despite some of the rods being burned and practically twisted into pretzels; TEPCO supposedly pulled this off without any incident whatsoever, although we were not allowed to see the unedited footage of these extraordinary feats of nuclear Houdini-ism.

We watched as revelation after revelation hit ENEnews, thinking time and time again…this is it. They can’t cover this sh*t up anymore. But they did. And then they took down ENEnews.

We witnessed multiple TEPCO Chairmans & Presidents come, go, and die. As well as PR Promotor Lady Barbara Judge, who died from pancreatic cancer.

We saw some of our most beloved Japanese officials and Mayors who stood up for their towns-people sadly pass away, many of them living near the no-go zone.

We saw an abundance of surreal and almost unbelievable images submitted from gardeners, farmers, and photographers of mutations they found in flowers, produce, and even animals and birds from across the US and Canada, as well as some from Europe, when we put out a call for images. These were all mutations that seemed to proliferate starting in the summer of 2011 and continuing to this day. Many of these people had farmed or gardened in the same area for years and picked out the abnormalities easily, as they were fascinating. That collection has been archived, and part of it can be viewed on ‘Mutation Watch’ on Facebook, for now.

We grieved the loss of friends, family, and fellow researchers and their extended families of ‘friends’ we have met over ten years of communicating with each other about the Fukushima Fubar Event, since 2011. We also lost several activists, writers, and radio show hosts. Some of the most extraordinary voices of wisdom and reason and hope many of us had to guide us in our quest for answers: Charlie McGrath, Liam Scheff, Jim Marrs, Art Bell, and John Trudell, to name a few. All of them spoke of the Fukushima Accident regularly, and both Scheff and Marrs even wrote about it in their books.

There are so many indicators that in 10 years, this accident has had worldwide effects. We have roadmaps from other accidents to follow, thank you very much, nuke industry. We saw the fallout maps. We saw the different isotopes, and where they ‘fell out’ and ‘rained out’. Some of us have seen mutations, up close and personal. Some of us have contacts in the industry itself, supporting ones, or still have close contacts in Japan. The news is not good. And it hasn’t been, for 10 fricken years.

Some have suffered their own health issues, or the demons we deal with became too close to be separated from reality. 
Many of us dealing with our own health failings while trying to help protect our family, by educating them on simple thing like filtering water and eating healthy. Things that are even common sense type health discussions, erupt at times into arguments about this accident and its reach, because it all just seems to be so damn unbelievable. Recall Michio Kaku’s viral video at the start of this disaster…how we all “carry a little piece of Chernobyl inside of us…?” This accident is ongoing, and we all got a piece. Remember, those pieces are cumulative. Chernobyl burned for 10 days. These fuckers have been burning 10 YEARS.

It’s difficult when 10 years feels like one, in terms of progress. Or one year feels like 10, in terms of fatigue. It all blurs together after awhile, like one never-ending brain-draining cognitive-endurance test with a little bit of cray-cray, Idiocracy, and Darwin Awards comin’ at you 24/7/365, Ten Years straight. Relentless, Like the water pouring, going on at that all so innocent looking Horror on the coast of Honshu.

So basically, in Summary:


Oh yeah and don’t forget about the RIVER. So really, when you narrow it down to simple terms, nothing has changed at Fukushima, since Year One. 

But those of us who have followed this disaster have been, at least I can say I have, and I’m pretty sure most of you have, profoundly been changed forever.

~ RC

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  1. Another classic article, complete with a multitude of f bombs. Sounds like the construction crews I worked with. At least you can say what you want here.


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