EDITORIAL | Nuclear Power Plants are Civilizations “Poison Pills” Against Disruption of Society

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Nuclear Power Plants are fragile things requiring constant supplies, electricity, and maintenance to keep them from failing catastrophically.

This is the most recent version of this editorial as of 2016-July-13, Wednesday. I welcome comments. So far, no one has offered a rebuttal challenging the editorials premise.

I have seen many people over the last few years talking about a collapse of society or crash of the dollar as being a survivable event. Likewise, there has been discussion that a “limited” nuclear war was a survivable event. After all, civilizations have risen and fallen throughout our recorded history.

Unfortunately, there are things which would make this unlike any collapse of civilization in the past. Things like nuclear reactors and their spent fuel pools, many with 30+ years of old fuel assemblies; 50 or so years worth of nuclear lab and reactor waste; nuclear weapons; and failing nuclear waste repositories, such as…

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One thought on “EDITORIAL | Nuclear Power Plants are Civilizations “Poison Pills” Against Disruption of Society

  1. I penned this for someone in the UK nut it applies to every Country using ☢:

    Sad that the UK is even more screwed up than the US! If the 2 new reactors get approved they will turn utility ratepayers into Energy Slaves! The cost of Energy will keep the UK from being competitive in the World marketplace.

    THE ☢ RIP OFF game:
    1. Keeps shareholders rich.
    2. Keeps those that use energy paying ever more for energy.
    3. Prevents Solar and Wind from eliminating Nuclear, Oil and Gas in the market place.
    4. Creates a ☢ target to threaten everyone living nearby or downwind!
    5. Nuclear is the root cause of Climate Change, since it prevents Solar & Wind from transforming Energy Generation on Earth!


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