Radiation Omnicide

“Radiation Omnicide” Leuren Moret interviewed by Alfred Webre ⚛ As we quickly approach 6 year mark of the most devastating nuclear accident of our time, an accident that has never been turned off or mitigated whatsoever beyond the most superficial of fixes, let us review what our status was one year ago, as radiation levels slowly began to creep upward – as we approached the … Continue reading Radiation Omnicide

Fukushima Deja Vu – Pt 6

Welcome to Part 6 of the long-awaited Nuked Radio Special on The Wigner Effect, with Leuren Moret and Laurens Battis. We are now more than half-way through the series of articles and videos that address the following question from a multitude of perspectives: Is Fukushima Radiation causing problems with aviation and infrastructure? Part 1 in the series introduced my guests, and gave an overall view of … Continue reading Fukushima Deja Vu – Pt 6

Wigner Weather: The Crash of AirAsia 8501

Crashes are often complex. A series of events that on their own wouldn’t bring a plane down, yet combined, lead to tragedy. ~ from “Air France lessons for missing plane probe”  It will be at least a year before we know the complete circumstances of the crash of AirAsia Flight 8501, but just one day after finding the first pieces of debris and several deceased floating … Continue reading Wigner Weather: The Crash of AirAsia 8501