NWO – Full Speed Ahead

“We are talking about a system which is in serious need of investigation, by prying off the barnacles that are slowing down the ship…”

~ Professor Darrell Hamamoto, PhD 

On May 7th of 2016, an extraordinary conversation took place between Professor Darrell Hamamoto and Nuke Lab Whistle-Blower Leuren Moret, in the Asian Studies Department at UC Davis. This interview is astounding in its detail, scope, and massive implications. The model discussed, focused primarily on the faculty appointments at UC Davis and the current scandals playing out there, reveals quite vividly the darker underlying framework being used throughout colleges in the United States, including a broad network of surveillance – which is now fully integrated. By hiding our ‘true history’ and controlling the information shared through Universities and higher education, the Powers That Be are assuring the indoctrination of our future generation into complete acceptance of the New World Order Agenda. The process has been gradual. But it is apparent, if you know who, where, and what to look for.

Darrell and Leuren

Surveillance, Satanism, NWO controls such as Frequency Manipulation, Bloodlines and the CFR, the Heroin Epidemic, Deliberate Poisoning of the Food Supply, Radiation Sickness from Nuclear Pollution, and even the Wigner Effect – are also key components of this amazing and insightful interview.

Professor Hamamoto also discusses the repercussions of asking questions about his own institution, and both he and Leuren Moret offer hope in their candid exchange of ideas and information throughout their discussion. He states near the end:

“I have not had this much fun so far as an intellectual exchange in years, because I am used to working with cowards, bullies, and ignoramuses.”

I highly recommend the entire presentation, which can be found here. It is well worth the time spent watching, and especially if you are in, or have children in – our formal education system.

A general time-stamp layout of the info contained in this interview is as follows, with some important quotes highlighted:

0:58 Introduction of Leuren Moret; qualifications as International Radiation Expert.

3:20 Highlights of current UC Davis Scandal & the Monsanto Connection.

4:05 Collapse of Western Economy; Rebirth of “Silk Road”

5:15 College Curriculum leaving out important facts about our ‘Real History’ – how to put together ‘Signs & Symbols’ which Rule the World (Confucius).

8:00 History of UC Davis in the 1960’s; Transformation into Campus of Today (UC = Undercover Cop). Students not the Priority, NWO Agenda is Visible, Trans-humanism Movement, other Indicators.

10:10 Chancellor of UC Davis, Linda Katehi – History, Connections, Administrative Leave (pretext was spending $170,000 of school money to fix her own PR); Comparison to Former UC Davis Chancellor Emil Mrak, who was Close Personal Friend to Leuren at the time she was a Student @UCD.

13:15  NWO Placements: Linda Katehi; Specialist in ‘Antennae Technology’ with 19 patents. Husband is Spiros Tseregounis; Engineering/NWO Technologies, Specialist in Coatings on Metals (Wigner), Materials Science.

14:29 Wigner Effect: Radiation from Fukushima, Battlefield Nukes/DU, Chernobyl, and recent Nuclear Events in Ukraine, causing problems due to Entropy Acceleration in Planes/Airline Industry.

15:30 Any Solid can be affected by Wigner – Discomposition Effect – Entire Air Column is Contaminated.

17:20 Hamamoto: “Who is Causing all this? What Groups are Responsible?”

19:30 “Embrace, Enfold, Extinguish” – Explained.

31:35 Main Stage Players: J. Napolitano, L. Pannetta (Sec of Trans/Clinton, Head of CIA/Obama, current Sec of Defense).

32:35 Chinese Heroin and Dope, Inc. Clinton Connection to Mena Airport, Distribution around US. Hamamoto details Investigative Reporters who have uncovered this.

34:20 Military very involved in Drug Trade; Heroin Flooding United States.

35:00 Heroin Addiction now being reported in JAMA; Soldiers self-medicating, College Students finding Heroin easily.

37:00 Fidel Castro – Papal Nobility Family, Dukes of Castro, 1848 Spanish Land Grant holders.

40:50 Almost all California Colleges are on land owned by Castros; this includes Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab.

41:20 CERN and UC Davis.

42:20 Livermore Lab – Leuren Moret’s Experience there from 1989-91 and WIPP failure. All Attempts at Storing Nuclear Waste have FAILED.


“You have to live in their house to know who they are, and how to challenge them.”

46:02 Hamamoto:

“I have experienced the repercussions of asking questions of the nature of the place where I work. This is not a game, this is not an academic exercise, either for Leuren or myself…I am in their house, I am working in the belly-of-the-beast…and I will continue to exercise my rights as a human being…but it takes research such as this to provide us the historical, the analytical, and the intellectual ‘framework’ to understand what we are facing.”

50:00 Occult Overlay at State Colleges; Skull & Bones.

52:00 Waveforms are New Mechanism to Enslave Society.

52:36 Animal Studies for ‘Mind Control’ done on UC Davis Campus since 60’s; Decades-old Technology.

54:00 Delivery System for Mind Control; Frequency to Use and Influence Human Behavior.

56:30 Current Surveillance Technology is Now All Integrated.

58:00 Gradual Observation of Hostility in General Population and College Campuses.

1:02:27 Carrier-Waves in ELF, ULF Frequencies.

1:02:30 Satanism becoming Mainstream in Colleges. Baphomet & other Symbols. Prostitution being Encouraged.

1:10:00 1972 Rothchild Ball.

1:10:45 Human Genome Project & Russian DNA Research.

1:21:00 Breeding Programs, Inbreeding of Elites.

1:23:00 Forensics Study of Portraiture, Photography.

1:24:05 Princess Diana – Targeted/Used as “Broadmare” to Regenerate DNA after Inbreeding in Royal Family; Insertion of Iranian Bloodline; Father Sir James Goldsmith.

1:25:55 Bill & Hillary Clinton: Rothchild Connections.

1:27:26 Hamamoto:

“We are deputizing you as researchers, because this is not coming out of academia.”


1:33:42 DNA, Mitochondria, Body Process & Function.

1:34:08 Radiation Damage to DNA/RNA Mitochondria. Increasing Brain Diseases, Heart Disease since Nuclear Technology Introduced.

1:35:34 Oct 2011 (Post Fukushima) Operation “Urban Shield” at UC Davis.

1:40:15 Occupy Movement.

1:47:00 “Malice of Forethought”

1:48:38 Monsanto Connections to Universities & Jesuits.

1:50:07 Obama Jesuit-Trained.

1:51:10 Our Declaration of Independence terrified Jesuits. Secret Treaty of Verona.

1:52:38 “Yamashitos Gold” – Projects funded by stealing Accumulated Wealth.

1:56:30 “Black Budget” and Election Money.

1:58:00 Suicide of Iris Chang (The Rape of Nanking); Historian who discovered Official History and Propaganda she Promoted was Funded by Yamashita’s Gold.

1:59:00 Japan & Jesuit Connection.

2:01:45 The Future: Repercussions of Being a Truth-Teller.

2:06:58 Political Ponerology.

2:07:20 Moret:

“We will prevail by educating people, by exposing the scandals, by presenting the truth…it empowers the people. Here is the information, when they are ready to digest it. By putting that truth out, and leaving it alone, it empowers people to find their own solutions when they are ready.” 

Final thoughts by Prof Hamamoto and Leuren Moret follow in the last 6 minutes of the interview.

Total Interview time 2:13:08

Please comment, share, reflect, discuss. #collegelife


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